Keeping Home Surfaces Safe

Keeping Home Surfaces Safe

2020 has done its part to make us look more closely at our home safety and cleaning habits. We’re making more of an effort to keep surfaces clean, and not taking for granted that every corner of our home is necessarily germ-free. We’re washing out hands more often, and disinfecting surfaces more regularly to ensure we’re able to stay healthy in the safe space of our homes. 

One room that we associate with clean is the bathroom. It’s a high-traffic and potentially high-bacteria room, but not necessarily for the reason one might think. Because of moisture from bathroom sinks and warm showers, germs are able to grow and thrive more easily than in any room of the house. Bathroom textiles will look clean for days, but require frequent cleaning to kill bacteria and keep mildew and odors at bay. 

Sure, towels are easy to clean, but what about rugs and shower curtains? These items are not the easiest to clean and are frequently overlooked. That’s where we took inspiration for several of our products that are antibacterial, antimicrobial, mildew-resistant, and best of all, easy to clean.

Our line of dry stone bath mats are made of naturally occurring Diatomite, a mineral that absorbs water quickly and efficiently to get rid of excess moisture so mildew has nowhere to hide. Diatomite is also naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, meaning you don’t have to worry what germs might be lurking in your mat. When it’s time to clean it, just rinse under water and leave it out in the sun to (quickly) dry. Pro tip: it works great in laundry rooms, too.

No one likes seeing something growing on their shower curtain. That’s why we created PEVA shower curtains that are treated with a mildew-resistant agent so they’re both antibacterial and antimicrobial. Better yet, keeping mildew away helps the curtain to stay odor free. 

Bath accessories that keep bacteria, mildew, and odors away is how we help you to excel!