Small Positive Changes for a More Sustainable Home

Small Positive Changes for a More Sustainable Home

You can’t have good design without keeping nature in mind as well. Whether it’s taking inspiration from Mother Nature, or always keeping sustainability in mind, we value being in balance with the earth for a better life. 

But we know that going sustainable isn’t always easy. Finding information on product origins, which materials are sustainable or not--it’s all time consuming and can be confusing. We believe that making small changes is the best way to start. That’s why we’ve created home accessories from materials that are recycled or sustainable, but that don’t fall short on function and design either. 

Mia Shower Curtain

Our bright floral Mia shower curtain is sustainably made with recycled water bottles.  The production processes we use to create this shower curtain uses 90% less water than standard production processes. Best of all, it’s made from 100% recycled PET. 

Diatomite Bath Accessories

We use Diatomite for our line of Charlton bath accessories because it’s the perfect material for a clean and sustainable bathroom. Diatomite is a naturally occurring and sustainable material that also is quick-drying and antibacterial. It keeps germs away, eliminates soapy wet messes, and is eco-friendly.