Smart Design for a Better Life

Smart Design for a Better Life

At Excell, we’re all about finding that sweet spot where good design meets beauty, where form meets function, all to help make life a little easier. This looks like bath mats that absorb more quickly to reduce mildew, bath accessories that are naturally antibacterial, and shower curtains that need to be washed less often. Here’s a look at how we’re trying to make life better through smart design. 

Diatomite Bath Accessories

Diatomite is a naturally occurring mineral that absorbs water quickly. This makes it perfect for bath accessories like soap dishes, dispensers, and bath mats that can hold onto water and create a safe haven for mildew and germs. Best of all, it’s also antibacterial and antimicrobial, so the surfaces you come into contact with stay cleaner for longer. 

Multi-Purpose Products

You multitask all the time, it’s time for your home goods to do the same. If a product can perform more than one task that you need done, that means more counter space, time saved, and life optimized. A great example is our LED lighted mirror which does triple duty as an organizer. The LED lights provide natural light for makeup application at home or on the go, and the box holds everything you need while allowing the mirror to stand up on its own (keeping your hands free). 

More Shower Space

Can your shower ever truly be big enough? We think not. Gaining more space isn’t always about making more space, sometimes it’s about optimizing what you already have. Our 5-pocket shower curtain provides accessible and easy-to-see storage from both sides of the curtain, giving your things a place to stay that’s also out of the way.