Start 2021 Off With A New Kind of Clean

Start 2021 Off With A New Kind of Clean

A new year always sees us wanting to make changes that ensure this year will be better than the last--especially true for 2021. More exercise, less procrastination, more family time--the list goes on and on. We’ve found that sometimes it’s small changes that are the easiest to make and contribute most to our happiness on the day-to-day. Little upgrades that can make every day a little better.

For us, that’s thinking about “clean” a bit differently:  combining convenience, time-saving, and technology to create a smart clean that makes life a little easier, simpler, and better, but without the hassle. Cleaner house in 2021? That’s a resolution you can easily keep with some of these smart clean ideas.

Truly clean hands with our Touchless Hand Soap Dispenser 

Let’s face it, handwashing is a big part of each day now, and each set of hands in the house has to touch that soap dispenser to use it. Cut down on germs and soap waste with a Touchless Soap Dispenser that gives you just the right amount of soap each time.

Towels That Resist Odor

There’s nothing like the feeling of a soft, fresh towel after a shower--a feeling that you really only get once per wash. That’s why our Clorox Antimicrobial Bath Towels have antimicrobial properties that help protect against odors caused by mildew. Fresher towels without the mildewy smell for a fresher 2021.

A Revolutionary Quick-Dry Bathmat

You want a clean, fresh bathroom, but you don’t want to be constantly washing your bathmat to get it. Our Diatomite Slat Mat is made from natural diatomite rock that is naturally absorbent and quick-drying, helping to reduce odors and lingering puddles from your bathroom. Diatomite is also naturally anti-microbial, unlike other mats. Best of all, it’s super easy to clean: just rinse off and allow it to (quickly) air dry.

An Anti-bacterial, Quick-Drying Organizer

Keep your countertops organized AND clean this year with a Diatomite organizer that’s cute, anti-bacteria, anti-microbial, and eco-friendly. The Charlton Diatomite Organizer is made from naturally antimicrobial Diatomite, helping your bathroom surfaces stay cleaner by inhibiting bacterial growth. Like our bathmats, it is also quick drying and best of all, eco-friendly.